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~It's not easy being a bass whore~

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自分の足を一歩前に進めることにもし躊躇している人がいるんだったら、 きっと後悔すろことになる
If you hesitate as you take each step forward, you will undoubtedly have regrets.

I am an aspiring 3D animator/visual fx designer for music videos and films. Eventually I would like to direct. Im going to work in Tokyo but currently living near Hollywood, and enrolled in college studying visual effects, animation, and Japanese.
I am an indifferent athiest who worships Gackt and his way of thinking. I believe he is an amazing person and I would love to one day work for him. I also love Depeche Mode, Miyavi, Dir en Grey, the GazettE and various other artists. My role models are Alfred Hitchcock, Tim Burton and Akira Kurosawa.
I love all animals, hate all insects... favorite animal are wild cats, but favorite pet is a dog.
Hate going on planes but love to travel anyway.
Currently single and not looking. Hetrosexual most of the time, but open to anything.

To the end of today, those who want to sing, sing. Those who want to dance, dance. Those who want to go, GO!

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~Reita is perfect love~
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